Faq/Terms of Service.

Results for each formula may vary. The outcome of any given formula on this website is not guaranteed due to a variety of factors (crafter experience, quality of ingredients, quality of equipment etc) that contribute to the final result of each formula.  Each recipe is tested and must meet a commercial standard prior to being offered on our site.  If you have questions regarding steps or completing specific recipes we encourage you to inquire prior to purchase as formulas range from beginner to veteran in difficulty.  

The party(ies) that purchases our recipes are responsible for testing the formula(s) for the safety of their own personal use and the safety of their customer(s). Working with active ingredients requires manufactures to have a testing and quality standard.  All 6 figure formulator formulas must meet our commercial grade standard for safety and consistency prior to being released to the public however we do not accept any liability for any errors or misrepresentations made during the manufacturing process.  Parties that make, produce, manufacture, formulate any or all parts of our formula(s) assume all risks and liability if and when offering our formulas and products to the public. We are not liable for any formulating errors. Please document and inform us of any quality issues as we are always seeking to improve our methods and products.

All digital content/formulas/recipes sales are final.  Every product description this information is stated, and in our terms and conditions you must acknowledge and agree to these terms to complete purchase. No refunds will be given. Only store credit is available on case by case basis upon approval.

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